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Our Patients Speak

"When I walked into Chesapeake Chiropractic I could barely walk.  I had severe pain in all the muscles of my lower back and in the knee and hip joints.  No position was comfortable for me except lying down flat.  It hurt when I walked, stood, bent over, and sat... I am so delighted that all of this was done without any medication.  It took several different modes of physical therapy, but both Dr. Thomas and Dr. Bailes treated me with the utmost understanding and true concern.  They were both wonderful about giving good advise on how to get back to a normal existence.  I especially appreciated their willingness to answer any and all questions without hesitancy and their emotional support and inspiration."          --Pat C.

"I have gone to chiropractors for about 15 years.  I have had at least 5 steady chiropractors in those 15 years.  I am proud to say that Karen and Lisa have been one of the best.  Not only do they do good work, they are very caring and understanding.  They sincerely care about their patients."         --Debbie B.

"It has always been a pleasure coming to Chesapeake Chiropractic.  A small office setting - friendly and courteous - more like a home.  Not like the unpleasant 'Production line' environment offered by some large clinics.  Dr. Bailes always takes the time to answer questions about how the bones and muscles work together.  Her method of manipulation and pressure on the muscles are optimal for excellent results.  I thank Dr. Lisa Bailes and all her staff for their combined service to me.  They've all helped me more than they can know!"          --Ron H.

"I have been retired five years with pinched nerves in my shoulders, elbows, and wrist on both sides.  After the first treatment I hurt worse than I did before I started.  After the third treatment I began to improve.  I love these beautiful ladies.  They make you feel comfortable and help take away the pain in every sense.  I have a long way to go yet, but I am sure Dr. Bailes and her great team will make me feel better."          --Mark P.

"My mother introduced me to this chiropractry because of my lower back pain.  I have had this since I was 5, (I am 12 now) and not even surgeon's could tell why.  I have also had childhood migranes and chronic ear infections.  Since being treated and being given stretches, my migranes have decreased intensly.  My posture has been helped immensely."          --Brendon D.

"When I came to Dr. Bailes I could barely look over my shoulder.  I also had persistent lower back pain.  After 3 months of therapy I have full range of motion in my neck and no lower back pain.  I have also found that after a 3 hour trip in the car I am no longer stiff and barely able to walk.  I have found Dr. Bailes very easy to work with through this entire time."         --Sandi S.

"After several months of treatment and no more bone-jarring aerobics my back has much improved but the surprise was no more'allergies'.  No more congestion and maybe one minor headache a month, if that.  Every month both my back and neck are improving and I owe that to chiropractic care as well as the decision to change my habits".         ---Mary C.

"It has been 1 month now since my first visit to this office and I am able to do about 90% of normal activities and feel better than ever.  I have found Dr. Bailes to be very conscientious, knowledgeable, and caring and feel very confident with her recommendations.  Her staff in this office are also professional, warm and caring and make every effort to provide prompt and courteous service to the patients."          --Mary S.

"Since receiving treatment over the past four months I have been able to move my neck left and right.  I don't get dizzy when I tilt my head back.  I've forgotten what pain I was in before I came here and a side effect is no more chronic earaches!"         --Dolores F.

We value our patients' experience at Chesapeake Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Lisa Bailes and Dr. Karen Thomas